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who we are
Legal Stratagency
is established in 2011 in Berlin and has its roots in LegalStudies.RU - a law firm management consultancy and professional development agency established and operated in Moscow in 2005 with the broader goal to promote the legal market and legal profession in the Russian-speaking economic region.

Since 2011 the Berlin-based company specializes in management, strategy consulting and professional development for a broader range of professional services firms, operating in EU and in Russian-speaking markets.

Since 2020 Legal Stratagency is accredited by BAFA – German Federal Office of Economic Affairs and Export Control as a consultant for the promotion of entrepreneurial know-how (program).
We are proud
  • to work for leading international and local law firms and other professional consultants
  • to support professionals in achieving their career goals
Our key clients have been with us for decades. Some firms we worked with have grown with us from no-name small practices to the leading firms in their regions and specializations.

Upon your request, we will provide references. Alternatively, please, ask around in your professional community. Sure, some of your colleagues either worked with us or know us by reputation.
Special people for special needs
The assignments that we undertake for our clients require significant intellectual and emotional concentration. Often they are highly sensitive. We bear a great responsibility, as we contribute to the changes of firms and people. This requires specialized knowledge, skills, and qualities that crystallize over the years of ongoing work with clients and continuing self-development.
Besides, routine tasks are a rarity in our work.

Therefore, we are few in number, but we replace many in quality.
what we do
At each stage of the development of a professional services company, we assist its leaders to move forward by formulating and implementing strategic priorities..
As professional practice develops, a partnership develops as well, relations between partners transform. We anticipate and assist these changes for the benefit of practices, partnerships, and individual partners.
From business plan development to budgeting and management accounting - we support firm leadership to control financial performance.
People are the critical assets of a firm. We help to formulate and shape their competencies, conduct regular assessments, and stimulate internal career growth as professionals.
For those who lead the team of professionals, we actively assist to reinforce their leadership competencies and building up their professional capital.
Knowledge and skills require constant rethinking and updating. We assist in developing advanced professional competencies necessary to move the firm and practice further for best benefits.
new with us?
First contact
If it seems to you that something is going wrong in your practice or it seems to you that you have stopped in development, then contact us.

At this stage you can also consider to attend our off-line seminars or tо develop your skills by using our on-line LS Base.
Before moving forward, we need to get to know you better. During the diagnosis (audit), we learn about your strengths, the problem issues, and discover actual the current needs and potential.

The actual state of things does not always correspond to how the situation was initially presented.
Partners and other leaders of the firm meet for a session to discuss the current situation in the company, to identify and coordinate approaches to the firm's management, and to identify critical tasks to be solved. We prepare and moderate this session aiming at developing strategic priorities for the firm.
Strategic priorities
Based on the audit and the results of the session, taking into account our experience, the competitive environment, and the trends of the relevant markets, we are preparing a draft strategic priorities - critical areas for the future development of the firm.

What next? We help to implement your priorities, lead you through changes and stay we you whenever our assistance is required ...
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